Why Johnny Manziel Should Be Invited to New York for the Heisman

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Voting for the 2013 Heisman Trophy ends today at 5:00 PM ET. While there is little doubt the overwhelming winner will be Florida State's Jameis Winston, there is quite a bit of speculation about who should join him in New York City for the event.

One name should be clear: Johnny Manziel should be invited back to New York City.

Johnny was clearly in the running for the Heisman Trophy before losses against LSU and Missouri closed the A&M season. He then completely fell off the radar. Other candidates rose to take his place including Northern Illinois' Jordan Lynch and Alabama's AJ McCarron. They ultimately suffered the same fate as Johnny, recording disappointing season-ending losses that knocked them out of the running.

So, why does it matter? I guarantee you the A&M football program can still benefit from the exposure of Johnny Manziel in New York for a second year in a row.

Why should Johnny Manziel be at the Heisman ceremony? Just look at how his numbers compare to this year's to-be winner Jameis Winston:

Total Offensive Yards:

Manziel -- 4418

Winston -- 4013

Total Offensive Yards Per Game:

Manziel -- 368.2

Winston -- 308.7

Total Offensive Touchdowns:

Manziel -- 41

Winston -- 42

Now remember this: Jameis Winston and Florida State played one more game than Johnny and Texas A&M did (ACC Championship Game).

So Heisman voters, if you are struggling to fill out the remainder of your ballot, fill in Johnny Manziel for either 2nd or 3rd place. Johnny continues to be the most electric college football player in the entire country and puts up jaw-dropping performances against the best teams in the country.

Johnny Manziel deserves a trip to New York and you know it.

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