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Daily Bull 12.9.13

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RABBLE RABBLE DUKE RABBLE. Look, we're an 8-win team playing a 10-win team in a really prestigious bowl. They've got the national coach of the year on their sideline and this sets up perfectly for an epic Manziel showcase. What did we expect: an Alabama rematch in a one-off special bowl game at Wembley Stadium? Let's just have fun with it like we do with everything else, eh?

OK. Now that I've got that out of the way, here is your complete bowl schedule. And here's your GBH Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge info.

Troll on, coaches. The final USA Today Coaches' Poll came out yesterday, as did the breakdown of how each coach voted for each team. James Franklin had us highest at 16. Mike Leach and Nick Saban had us at 17 and 18. Dennis Franchione and Art Briles didn't vote us into the top 25. Sumlin ranked Baylor #9, their second-worst ranking. You're welcome for the productivity killer.

So now what? Of course there will be plenty of hoops action to talk about, but we also have the college football awards a few days out. In addition, we have the daunting task of figuring out how to talk Duke football for the next three weeks, but I think we'll be up for it.

Have a great Monday, all. Chik-fil-A is now open.