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Daily Bull 12.5.13

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Howdy, folks. Keeping it a bit short today because we've got a nice surprise for everyone coming up this morning. Here are a few quick links.

BUMMER. President Loftin will be taking his bowtie collection and infectious personality to Columbia, Missouri, where he will serve as their Chancellor. We'll miss you, sir, and your endearing antics too.

Oh man LSU people would not like this. The DMN with five reasons the Cotton Bowl might consider picking us over the Tigers.

BUT NOT SO FAST. South Carolina also wants to be in the Cotton Bowl, and as this header picture indicates one should not invite the wrath of the Head Ball Coach. This will all be over soon and we can talk about the bowls instead of who's in what.

Congrats, B-ball. Coach Kennedy's guys used the home court advantage to put the Corpus Christi losses behind them by taking down Houston 74-57. The Ags take on McNeese State next on Saturday at Reed.

Have a great Thursday.