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President Loftin Will Become Chancellor at Missouri broke a story that President Loftin will become the chancellor at the University of Missouri.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports reports that the University of Missouri has hired R. Bowen Loftin to become Chancellor and will announce this tomorrow.

Previous news of Loftin's retirement as Texas A&M University President indicated that the man who engineered the Aggies' move to the SEC would be paid $850,000 as he transitioned to tenured faculty member. Loftin was expected to be paid over $300K annually as a faculty member after earning $450,000 a year as president. Outgoing Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton's annual salary was $337,488.

What does Loftin's acceptance of a leadership position at another SEC school tell us about the nature of his retirement?

UPDATE: Loftin's Letter to the Student Body

(12/5/2013 11:31 am CT)
To the Aggie Family

When I announced, in July of this year, my resignation from the presidency of Texas A&M University, I noted that my love for students is and has been my primary motivation. At that time a return to the faculty and to teaching and research seemed the logical path for me. Since that announcement I have devoted a great deal of thought to how best to continue doing what I love -- serving students. Recently, a unique and exciting opportunity came my way, an opportunity to continue affecting the lives and futures of thousands of students, not just a few dozen enrolled in the classes I would teach or working in the laboratories where I would do research. While it is very difficult to imagine ourselves anywhere else but Aggieland, Karin and I have found a new home with many of the attributes of Texas A&M. Today the University of Missouri System is announcing that I will become the 22nd Chancellor of its flagship campus in Columbia, Missouri. As a Fightin' Texas Aggie, a piece of me will always be here, and my love for this university's students will not lessen. We look forward to maintaining the friendships we have forged here while we develop new ones in the State of Missouri. I will be leading the oldest public university west of the Mississippi, a land-grant institution that shares much with Texas A&M -- a rich history, membership in the Association of American Universities and the Southeastern Conference, an outstanding faculty and staff, and a passionate student body and alumni. We wish only the best for Texas A&M and for its students, former students, faculty and staff.

R. Bowen Loftin '71 President