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Daily Bull 12.4.13

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TOP 12. That's where one NFL expert now has Manziel going in the Draft, according to the DMN. Maybe they like his hand size and his ability to put up mediocre numbers over the last two weeks. INTANGIBLES. UPSIDE.

MOAR bowl predictions. Team Speed Kills lays out their latest scenario and has us in the Chik-fil-A Bowl, like most predictions. Except instead of Duke, they have Clemson. Ohhhh, boy. There may be a touchdown or two in that one.

Moneyball. Turns out that the football that Auburn DB Chris Davis caught and returned for a TD on a missed field goal might be worth quite a bit of cash. I fully expect an Alabama fan to purchase it, then make a YouTube video where they talk for five minutes about how he stepped out of bounds and Bama was cheated, then set the ball on fire.

UP NEXT. Do you like TV ratings talk? cuppycup does, and he's got a piece coming up later this morning, so stick around.