Chick-fil-A Bowl Drinking Game


Is it possible to look forward to a bowl game so much, yet at the same time, want this day to never come? With the possibility of tonight's match-up against Duke being the final time we see JFF and MFE wearing maroon on the field, you will need plenty of mixed drinks to subdue your mixed emotions. Thankfully, our bowl game this season falls on a night when even your non-Aggie friends will withhold judgement for the copious amounts alcohol that you're about to consume. If you're among the many Aggies including myself watching the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl at your New Year's Eve party (or pre-party), here's something fun to play along with.


Take 1 drink anytime:

  • Johnny Manziel scrambles out of the pocket.
  • Mike Evans makes a catch.
  • An Aggie running back picks up a first down.
  • Aggie defense misses a tackle.
  • Points are scored by either team.
  • Commentators mention Duke Basketball.
  • Fan is shown wearing obnoxious 2014 attire.
  • Chick-Fil-A commercial is aired.

Take 3 drinks anytime:

  • Fans chant "S-E-C" or "One more year".
  • Toney Hurd Sharkin'.
  • Either team misses a field goal. (That's totally a thing of the past, right?)
  • Aggie defense forces a 3-and-out.

Finish your drink if:

  • Ben Malena scores and makes the #CASHINOUT gesture. (Be sure to mimic the #CASHINOUT gesture while chugging)
  • Jake Matthews highlight reel is shown.
  • The game drags onto next year, Eastern Time.
  • An extra point is missed. (If that happens, you'll be drinking heavily anyway.)

Finish another drink at the conclusion of the game because:

  • We won, and you're stoked, or we lost, and you need to drown your sorrows.
  • It's time to celebrate 2014.
  • So begins another long and grueling off-season.

And just as every drinking games goes, feel free to add your own rules as the game progresses. We will all be witnessing history in one form or another tonight. I hope everyone has a safe and exciting celebration, and a Happy New Year!
BTHO duke.

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