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Daily Bull 12.30.13

Hope it was a good weekend, kiddos. We play ball this week.

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SEC FOOTBALL IS BACK. Today holds the first of ten bowl games featuring a team from the Southeastern Conference when Ole Miss takes on those nerdy SEC castoffs from Georgia Tech. Stop in to see our good pals at Red Cup Rebellion for their takes on the game.

THIS IS YOUR OPEN THREAD TODAY YOU ANIMALS. Plenty of action after yesterday's NFL corporate doldrums. Take the Daily Bull comment section, cradle it, love it, and tell awful jokes. We'll be around to talk games and whatever else is in your cold, dark hearts. The games (all times central):

  • Middle Tennessee vs. Navy | 10:45 AM | ESPN
  • Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech | 2:15 PM | ESPN
  • Oregon vs. Texas | 5:45 PM | ESPN (o hai why do I think this is going to be enjoyable?)
  • Arizona State vs. Texas Tech | 9:15 PM | ESPN

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. ICYMI - our legal counsel, one Lucas Jackson, is bowl credentialed and getting all sorts of great insights from Atlanta. Yesterday's report is comprehensive and delicious. Follow him on Twitter for instantaneous updates and buzzed reporting. Check back here often for all things Ag and Chick-fil-A. Dr. Norris Camacho takes off for the ATL today. GBH has some greatness in store to ring out this season and 2013 in dadgum style.

YOU GUYS MAYBE HE IS COMING BACK. He's not, but Johnny sure knows how to sell a maniacal, insane fan base on the illusion that he will forego the NFL forever and play at Texas A&M for the next two decades - NCAA eligibility rules be damned.

FOR YOU BALANCED PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN WITH FAMILYGBH released its THE TAILGATE a few moons ago because we have no lives or families.

MISC. Our basketball teams have some games this week. Suit up, show up, tune in... you know the drill.

Oh, and this happened:

Gig 'em, y'all. We really dig all you guys. BTHO dook.