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Best Aggie Plays of 2013: Round 7

To help get us through the break until the Chick-fil-A bowl, we decided to put together a playoff bracket to let you decide the best play of the 2013 Texas A&M football season. We'll be putting out 2 GIFs or videos each day (or so) as we go through our bracket.


The Ole Miss game had some of the best highlights this year from runs, receptions and even raw displays of athleticism. The Aggies found themselves behind 38-31 late in 4th quarter and needed the next drive to be successful to have a chance at closing out a road win. It was one of the best drives this year as Manziel converted a 4th and 7 with his legs, and followed it up with a touchdown run two plays later. Sandwiched between those runs was a pass to Mike Evans for 26 yards, and a leap that put Ole Miss DB Tony Connor on a poster.



Trey Williams is just an incredible back, and deserves more touches per game. I think he dances in the hole too often, and ends up with 3 yards where he could get 5, but the upside to his game is runs like the one below. In the first quarter, with the Ags tied 7-7 against Ole Miss, Trey Williams put on a dance that makes even the most seasoned FTAB BQ's sit with mouths agape, shaking four defenders that were crashing down before cutting it into the end zone for a score. It was a hell of a run.