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Bowl Practice Tidbits: Sunday

Devante Harris and Toney Hurd, Jr. preparing for Duke on Sunday.
Devante Harris and Toney Hurd, Jr. preparing for Duke on Sunday.
Lucas Jackson

The Aggies had a light practice at the Georgia Tech indoor facility on Sunday afternoon, going with just helmets and shorts. The team and staff were loose but focused, keeping a fast tempo while finalizing their preparations for Duke. Tomorrow's final walk through is closed to the media, so this is the last glimpse we will get of the 2013 team prior to the game on Tuesday.

A few observations:

  • Yes, I can confirm that Clay Honeycutt is running with the first team at free safety. He had a good practice.
  • Johnny was in great form today. He turned it loose more today as the 1's were running up tempo. After the final series Johnny nailed the crossbar from the 25 on his first attempt just as a little added punctuation. ACCURACY.
  • A lot of effort was placed on getting signals in fast from Coach Spav on the sidelines and maintaining tempo. I know that sounds vague, but I do expect the offensive pace to be more like last year's Cotton Bowl than this year's Arkansas game. The team is focused on getting its swagger back.
Not much else to report. Practice kept things pretty close to the vest, and the boys are ready. Time to BTHO Duke.