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Daily Bull 12.27.13

something something "Georgia Dome" search, something...
something something "Georgia Dome" search, something...
Kevin C. Cox

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Way to go, Ags! If you missed the Poinsettia Bowl last night, you missed a scrappy Utah State team with a great defense taking down MAC and BCS darlings Northern Illinois 21-14. The Aggies finished the year with the rare 9-5 final record after they lost a close one to Timmy D's Fresno team in the MWCCG. We've got the Military, Texas, and Fight Hunger Bowls today. Your complete schedule here.

Oh, if only. Saturday Down South was handing out imaginary Christmas Presents to SEC teams, and (you guessed it) ours was another year with Johnny Manziel. Can I get your autograph, Santa?

WRINKLES. That's what you can expect out of the offense in the bowl game under Spavital. This team's gonna be so wrinkly it makes a baby Benjamin Button look like a glass surface or some other type of very non-wrinkly thing. I'm talking Cam Clear taking a snap, faking a handoff to eligible tackle Jake Matthews on the end-around, throwing a backward pass to Quiv lined up in the slot, who then hits Trey Williams for a wide open TD as he's lounging in a lawn chair in the end zone sipping a Cookies & Cream Milkshake from Chick-fil-A. Share your very wrinkly scenarios with us in the comments if you please.

COMING SOON. Yesterday, the Chick-Fil-A Bowl officially welcomed the teams to Atlanta with a party at Dave & Buster's. We've got your exclusive photos, including a classic one of Johnny actually acting like a college kid so alert the proper authorities. Look for it later this morning.