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Daily Bull 12.26.13

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HOWDY, ALL. Hope your Christmases were merry and restful. Oh, and thanks for the cards to all who sent them in, proving the GBH family is just as colorful as most real families.

Football today! There are a pair of bowls today to ease you into the full stretch of increasingly good games. At 5:00  you can watch Pittsburgh and Bowling Green play in a sterile dome in Detroit in a game sponsored by a discount pizza chain. Actually, this one is probably better to have on in the background while you do other things, but don't forget that in six months you'll be pining for something like this. The Poinsettia Bowl at 8:30 is actually a fun matchup: Heisman finalist Jordan Lynch and NIU's crazy offense against Utah State. These Aggies can play defense.

Johntana Football. NFL Scouts have added another name to the list of comparisons being made regarding our non-traditional-looking quarterback. One would think that being compared to Joe Montana would be a good thing, but SLOW DOWN.

But while a career matching Montana's success would certainly ensure Manziel to be picked in the first round, a similar skill set doesn't.

So only by traveling to the future to ensure a hall-of-fame career would one be able justify a high pick. NFL: serious business.

HMMM. Florida has hired Duke offensive coordinator Kurt Roper to serve in the same capacity for the Gators. Roper will still coach against us in the bowl game, but these situations are always unpredictable when a coach is already gone. Our defense needs all the help it can get, so thanks Will Muschamp.

Have a good Thursday, and we'll start cranking more stuff out to you later in the day.