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Merry Christmas from Good Bull Hunting.

Merry Christmas from the entire crew at GBH!

Christmas cards sent to GBH headquarters
Christmas cards sent to GBH headquarters

We hope Santa left everything you needed under the tree. And if you are Santa, take some time to sit back and relax for the rest of the day at a comfortable and reasonably quiet distance. If you received any cool gifts to share or if you're just bored because Dillard's is closed and you want to chat, leave a comment below.

Thanks to everyone who mailed us Christmas cards this year. Check out the graphic above to see if your card made the photo! We enjoyed reading your messages and felt awkward looking at your family photos. One of the envelopes was already ripped open, so we'll never know if you sent us a Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card, Alicia. And @alexanderdevlin... I want to make fun of you for including your Twitter handle 3 times on the card, but it was also effective and we followed you. Your dog looks pissed...... Rach-El, call us.

This year was tremendous for Good Bull Hunting, and we all want to thank you for continuing to visit and share our site. According to Google Analytics, GBH had 2.4 million unique visitors this year. To put that in perspective, Outkick the Coverage, one of the most popular blogs in the SEC had 2.05 million. We also want to thank our incredible staff of writers. Is that weird, thanking each other? Okay then. But really, it's a privilege to work with people who are so talented that they can produce this level of content in their spare time. Hug an author today.

As for the rest of you, we especially enjoy interacting with y'all on Twitter and FacebookJulie has been doing work on our Pinterest site, so check that out. No one's watching and you can quickly switch to porn if someone walks in on you. We also love when y'all submit FanPosts and FanShots and we try to do a good job promoting those so lots of people will see them.

And here is some fantastic news... GBH will be credentialed media for the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta so look for some really cool coverage from Dr. Norris Camacho and Lucas Jackson. We're very appreciative of the Chick-fil-A Bowl and others who recognize the reach they can achieve working with sites like ours.

Be safe in your travels over the holidays and to the bowl game. We've got some fun stuff later this week, so come back and see us.

Merry Christmas!