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Podcast #106 - Previewing the Duke Matchup

We chat with Ben Swain to get the Blue Devils' perspective on the Chick-Fil-A Bowl matchup.


All I want for Christmas is 8 more months of college football (and for you to go vote for Around Aggieland in the Stitcher Podcast Awards). In two short weeks we all begin the 8 month trek to salvation of the 2014 College Football Season. Stay strong out there my brothers and sisters.

Believe it or not, we found a Duke Football fan to chat with and preview the Chick-Fil-A Bowl matchup for this episode of the show. We were joined by Ben Swain, co-host of The Walk Ons Podcast, to get the Blue Devils' perspective of things as we inch closer to the NYE showdown. Ben sheds some light on what to expect from the the Blue Devils without their leading RB, the perception of this matchup from Duke fans, and why he's excited to be playing Texas A&M.

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