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Daily Bull 12.23.13

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Welp. Darian Claiborne was arrested yesterday and has since been suspended and will not travel to Atlanta with the team. Details and links can be found here.

How about some good bull? From late last week, Coach Sumlin sent Georgia QB Aaron Murray a get well soon letter. Nice work, Coach.

You know what day it is? That's right: it's the BEEF O'BRADY'S BOWL. Celebrate some great MAC-C-USAction in one of Florida's seedier cities sponsored by a fifth-rate Applebee's knock-off of indeterminate regional influence. I was in Florida in August and saw many of these establishments so I can assure you they are quite real and people eat at them. We did not. If you'd like a further primer on this wonderful phenomenon known as the BEEF O'BRADY'S BOWL I encourage you to listen to one of the finest bowl previews ever recorded starring Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson. The menu game is quite fun.

Have a great week, everyone. Not sure what the posting schedule will be, but we'll definitely have stuff for you. Hope everyone gets to spend some time with important people and enjoy some of what this time of year is all about.