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Best Aggie Plays of 2013: Round 4

To help get us through the break until the Chick-fil-a bowl, we decided to put together a playoff bracket to let you decide the best play of the 2013 Texas A&M football season. We'll be putting out 2 GIFs or videos each day as we go through our bracket.

Round 4 - Howard Matthews vs. Tra Carson


Coming off of the Ole Miss game that we barely won, and the Auburn game that we wound up losing, the play of the defense caused most Aggies to start quietly questioning whether Mark Snyder was the right guy. Frustrations were at a fever pitch, and some started wondering whether another upset loss was on the horizon.

In the Vandy game, the A&M defense started strong by only allowing 40 yards to aid a Texas A&M 21-0 lead. In the 2nd quarter, it all started to fall apart as a 28-0 A&M lead quickly turned to 28-17. At halftime it didn't feel like A&M's defense could provide any lead protection, and the offense seemed to lose a step after one quarter. A&M fans started freaking out. On the first play in the 3rd quarter all worries were immediately laid to rest as Defensive Back Howard Matthews made a great jump on a stop route, taking the ball in for a touchdown. It set the tone for the rest of the game as A&M would only allow another 7 points.



Yet another game where Aggies anxiously watched for a change from the previous week, Missouri followed an LSU game where we only rushed the ball six times. Six. It was by far and away the worst game of the season, and everyone wanted to see if OC Clarence McKinney would decide that our incredible stable of running backs were worth using. The answer came swiftly as we saw a blend of running back usage through the first two drives, one of which ended in an incredible 29 yard touchdown run from big back Tra Carson


Pick the Winner.