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Daily Bull 12.2.13

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WELL, NOW WHAT? It's hard to believe that our 12 games are already over, but don't despair too much. We've got some great football stuff in mind to keep us busy through the bowl game, and in the meantime we're really ramping up hoops coverage this year, so please stick around! 

Jason Kirk's updated Week 14 bowl predictions are up, and he's got us in the Chik-fil-A Bowl against 10-2 (probably 10-3 by then, just going out on a limb here) Duke. This is not a bad bowl considering our 2-game slide to finish the year.

Pretty good company. With 10 stops against Mizzou, Darian Claiborne now has 89 tackles on the season, which is a tie for most on the team. According to KBTX, it also puts him at #3 in the all-time A&M tackle total spot for freshmen, behind Mike Little (1978) and Dat Nguyen (1995).

Excellent read. Bill Connelly gives us a fantastic sendoff by thoroughly recapping the craziest final college football weekend in recent memory.