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Daily Bull 12.19.13

Mike Stobe

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SERIOUS BROVERLOAD. Kliff Kingsbury was on the Clay Travis podcast and they discussed Johnny Manziel. Coach Kliff revealed that he would take Johnny with the first overall pick if he were an NFL bro. The League is not ready for that kind of radical thinking, youngster. Think of the MEASURABLES, not the UPSIDE.

Coaching changes. Secondary coach Marcel Yates will be returning to Boise State, where he will run the defense. Also, Jake Spavital will take over the sole playcalling duties beginning with the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Interesting times.

Who? Scipio over at Barking Carnival takes an in-depth look at an unlikely Mack Brown replacement. (Hint: if you want to laugh at arrogance and unreasonable expectations, there's not much to work with at BC. They're like the us of Texas blogs.)

Everything's made better with MS Paint.