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Best Aggie Plays of 2013: Round 3

To help get us through the break until the Chick-fil-a bowl, we decided to put together a playoff bracket to let you decide the best play of the 2013 Texas A&M football season. We'll be putting out 2 GIFs or videos each day as we go through our bracket.

Round 2 - Lambo vs Bo Bo


This game, and this moment, was absolutely the most nerve wracking point in the entire season. Our defense seemed like it was ready to catch up to us against an inferior opponent as we fell behind in the 4th quarter 38-31. Manziel took it on himself to create a drive to tie us at 38 all, and he got the ball one last time to try for a win. After a 43 yard drive with around 20 seconds left, it was decision time, and the logical choice was one nobody wanted to make.

We had been through the wringer yet again watching shanks and hooks come off of Taylor Bertolet's feet, and although Josh Lambo was so far a perfect 2/2 over 2 games as his replacement, every Aggie tensed at the thought of having to win on a field goal. But it was Lambo's time to make a name for himself in College Station, and he answered that call.

Bonus video from Aggie FB Life showing the sideline reaction after the kick.


The Lambo kick shouldn't be beat in the first round, so this is essentially a bye, but it's a must that it is included. The kick was so detrimental that frat boy punching bag Bo Wallace pulled his best Dez Bryant impersonation and actually retreated from his own field after the kick went through. Like his flowing locks, it was glorious.


Pick the winner (Don't you dare vote for Bo Wallace)