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Best Aggie Plays of 2013: Round 2

To help get us through the break until the Chick-fil-a bowl, we decided to put together a playoff bracket to let you decide the best play of the 2013 Texas A&M football season. We'll be putting out 2 GIFs or videos each day as we go through our bracket. If you missed Round 1, then go ahead over and vote.

Round 2 - Evans vs. Manziel


This first one really gets titled towards Manziel and Evans, as it was a hell of a play by each. Texas A&M got off to a strong 14-point start in the Alabama game, but our offense started to sputter, and we figured out exactly what kind of defense we had. We eventually hit a hole where we were down 42-21, and that's when we seemed to find the gas pedal again. In the 4th quarter, down 42-28, when it seemed like we needed incredibly fast and successful drives to stand a chance, Manziel threw a pass from his own five yard line to hit Mike Evans who worked the ball the rest of the way. Even though we lost that game, it was one of those moments this offense was built for.


That touchdown to Mike is going to be really hard to beat. It would be even harder to top Johnny Manziel's own-fumble-nope-there-it-is-to-Swope touchdown pass from the 2012 game, but Johnny gave it a shot in 2013. At the top of the 2nd quarter, Manziel found himself in a long 3rd & 8 with pressure in his face. Instead of giving up on the play, Manziel decided to scramble back 25 yards until he heaved an arm punt to Edward Pope up the middle of the field. Every Alabama fan refilled their drinks at that moment.

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