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Best Aggie Plays of 2013: Round 1

The 2013 Texas A&M regular season is in the books, and although the season didn't go exactly how we would have hoped, we we're spoiled by some good plays along the way. Over the next week we'll be letting you vote on your favorite plays from this season based on our bracket, and you'll decide who had the best moment this season. If you look at the bracket and can think of something we missed, just post it in the comments section.

Round 1 - DeShazor vs Hurd Jr.


The game against Arkansas was a tight one, and every Aggie was sweating with what had been an underwhelming defensive performance and only a 24-20 lead. Right at the top of the 3rd quarter, Brandon Allen got baited into throwing a ball towards a trap coverage, and DeShazor Everett made him pay with a 34 yard INT TD that felt like it changed the entire dynamic of the game.



After only giving up 14 points in the first half vs. Mississippi State, the Aggie defense looked like it was finally finding it's footing. Dak Prescott, who is one hell of an athletic quarterback, made more than a handful of big runs on the day. Unfortunately for him, this wasn't one of them, as Toney Hurd Jr. established a presence on the edge by laying a big shot on the even bigger quarterback.


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