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Daily Bull 12.17.13

All I want for Christmas is to beat the hell outta dook.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports
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YOU GUYS IT'S SO PRETTY! Over at the mother ship, our pal Luke Zimmermann turned the internet into his bitch canvas with this beautiful page detailing SB Nation's All-American team. We had some GBH representation in the voting. Evans, J. Matthews, and Kaser all made first team. No defense? No defense.

IF IT AIN'T SEC IT AIN'T FOR ME. With the advent of the SEC Network, it looks like you'll have an alternative to College Gameday and comin' to your cittttaaaaay. The new network is poised to have its own Saturday morning show sans all the doldrums of B1G football. I'm told the show will simply be two hours of Finebaum in a dunk tank at tailgates. I can't wait.

LIFE WITHOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS NOT LIVING. This lull before bowl games is a cruel reminder at just how miserable the off season is. Here's a little methadone to get you to Saturday - the Top 10 plays of the 2013 season (teaser: there might be some Johnny).

ARLINGTON, GLENDALE, AND TAMPA OH MY. Urban sprawl, McMansions, chain restaurants, foreclosures, and championship college football. Glendale, AZ and Tampa, FL were announced as the two hosts of the 2016 and 2017 title games respectively. If I had my druthers, Pasadena and New Orleans would be the only two locations permitted to host the title game, but the Playoff Committee prefers Red Lobster and Six Flags.

Have a great Tuesday, gang. Merry Christmas from the GBH family.