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Daily Bull 12.13.13

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The Great Snubbing of 2013. The Ags packed last night's College Football Awards show in Orlando with four players up for five awards and got completely blanked. Friday the 13th came a bit early for the Disney/ESPN cabal as well as the tinfoil hat crowd. Honestly, Johnny and Mike struggled down the stretch, Aaron Donald is an absolute beast, but Drew Kaser losing to the Aussie is absolute rubbish.

In it to win it. KDS signed his contract extension last night, making him one of the highest-paid coaches around and proving that he's serious about sticking around for the next few years. Time to get to work and put on a show against Duke, coach. Bruce Feldman has all the details here.

SABANGATE. No new updates, other than the #1 recruit in the nation (along with his coach) believe that Saban's staying at Alabama. This has to end sometime, right? Meanwhile, Spencer Hall has broken down the official Texas Power Structure in convenient flowchart form.

Don't worry, AJ. We were just as surprised as you were.