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Podcast #104 - Sumlin Gets Paid, The Saban Saga, and Aggie Hoops

I thought this was supposed to be a slow news period?

Scott Halleran

So much for having a few weeks of not much to talk about. Coach Sumlin just became the 3rd highest paid coach in the country. Nick Saban is going to be the next Head Coach at Texas after being given a 50% stake and confirmation that his face will replace DKR's on the statue outside of the stadium. Aggie Football goes 0-fer at the College Football Awards Show, ya know, the one where the award for best player in the country goes to a player that was on the 2nd team for that very same awards All-American team, because logic. The mythical being known as Tony Trocha has been cleared by the NCAA but A&M hasn't? Huh?

David Sandhop from joined us to talk about everything surrounding Aggie sports during this "slow" period. Hop recently wrote two very good articles (1. Part 1 and Part 2) on the potential of Nick Saban heading to the Lone Star State. You should definitely check them out since Hop has a pretty solid track record with these kinds of stories.

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