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Colin Cowherd thinks Texas A&M left the state of Texas


Should someone tell Colin Cowherd how Texas A&M's been doing on the recruiting front in Texas as an SEC member?

Alabama's got a rival right down the street. Texas is a big state. Now you have rivals, but A&M's now in another conference. So your only big rival's out of your state.

Note: @Chrisja thinks Cowherd meant OU with this comment. Listening again, it's possible that he's saying A&M left the conference (and is hence no longer a rival). He never mentioned OU by name in this discussion of Longhorn recruiting, so I thought he meant A&M. If he meant OU, that's my bad, but the premise that A&M recruiting in the SEC doesn't affect Texas and they can have everyone they want because we're in the SEC is bizarre to me.