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Daily Bull 12.11.13

Kevin C. Cox

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Good morning, all. Yes, it's still technically morning. Better late than never. Here are a few links we can BS over to kill time in this awkward college football void.

Behind closed doors. The System Regents will be meeting this week to discuss and approve Kevin Sumlin's contract extension. This should be a mere formality and will get approved fairly quickly, leaving them plenty of time to discuss more important matters like Kyle Field soft drink partnerships and increasing the visibility of the bevel on all logos.

Buurrrnnn. Chris Baldwin tells us why Johnny Manziel is still the best player in college football.

Coach Price knows how to Internet. This graphic looks a bit familiar, eh? Gig 'em, Coach.

Look out, Big Apple. You know, I don't think Johnny and AJ ever got to take their trip to Cancun together. I wonder what sort of antics those two so-and-so's will get up to in New York City this weekend. Stay tuned.