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Texas A&M Bowl Projection

Bowl projections and analysis updated through week 14.

Kevin C. Cox

The end of the season was brutally tough to watch, but as painful as it may have been, I'm sad to see the 2013 Texas A&M regular season come to a close. It was a disappointing year, but not a disaster. We have one more game left to end this thing on a high note.

After the last two weeks, I would have thought even a game like the Chick-Fil-A Bowl moved a bit out of reach, as they would probably opt for a 10-2 South Carolina. Then I remembered that Johnny Manziel has been playing injured for the last few weeks, and you have to wonder how much it affected his game. He'll have a few weeks to get everything sorted out and make, what will most likely be, his final statement before entering the 2014 NFL Draft. A healthy Johnny Manziel playing his last game is too much for a New Year's Eve bowl game to turn away.

Bowl Prediction: Chick-Fil-A

As far as our opponent, I think it fully depends on what happens in the ACC championship game. Right now most people project Duke, and unless they get completely man-handled and shutout by Florida State this upcoming weekend, this prediction will hold. If not, then we'll end up drawing the University of Miami. Kind of like us at this point, Miami getting the bid will be because of the marketing power held by the brand name.

Opponent: Duke

With that, here are projections from other sites. I'll update the list as more projections are made throughout the week:

Writer Site Bowl Opponent
Jason Kirk SBNation Chick-fil-A Duke
Jerry Palm CBS Chick-fil-A Duke
Mark Schlabah ESPN Chick-fil-A Duke
Brad Edwards ESPN Chick-fil-A Miami (FL)
Staff Cotton Bowl Texas
Staff College Sports Madness Cotton Bowl Texas
Phil Steele Chick-fil-A Miami (FL)

Most projections thus far agree with a Chick-Fil-A Bowl matchup with Duke, but some are predicting Miami will be the opponent. I am surprised to see any mentions of a game versus Texas. Most projections have the Longhorns slated for a Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl to create an "old school name" matchup against a Big 10 opponent like Michigan. Those projections have to be based on the idea that the Chick-Fil-A Bowl won't extend an invitation to Texas A&M.

If you'll remember the much argued over quote from Jason Cook regarding scheduling Texas in the future, he said we'd hope to play them in a BCS bowl, but didn't clarify the quote. I wonder - if we're extended an invitation to a bowl to play against the Longhorns, would we reject it? I hope we aren't salty enough to turn it down. Then again, if we somehow managed to lose to them after closing out our season like we did, we'd all go start digging holes in the woods with Harvey Updyke.