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By the Numbers: Missouri

A look into some numbers from Columbia.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

1. Turnover. They had zero, and we lost by one score. That it was on a misfielded punt was the most BAS-inducing part. Our defense still needs to do better at forcing turnovers, although James Franklin is a very good QB.

2. Mike Evans' yards per catch. He had four for eight total yards. That's not going to help his season average.

3. Sacks by the defense. The defensive line was one of the bright spots and was getting a solid push all night long against Mizzou's experienced OL. These young guys are going to be good pretty soon, and Gavin Stansbury should be a great anchor as a senior next year.

4. Penalties (for each team). A couple of them were drive-killers, but overall this is an improvement.

5. Catches by Quiv. With Kennedy out and Evans being neutralized, #6 is getting more looks.

6. Carries for our running backs. For each of our four running backs. As you may have recalled, they had 6 total last week, so I guess that's something.

7. Catches by Labhart. Also roughly the number of times Brent Musberger referred to him as "the sure-handed one." Yes, Brent, and did you know he used to be a scout team player for the women's basketball team? He's a real gym rat. Like another coach on the field. Other cliches welcome in the comments.

8. Steven Jenkins. He showed up and led the team in tackles. Solid performance by the senior.

8b. Punts. That's like five games' worth for Kaser.

9. Plays. For 98 yards on that game-tying drive in the fourth when Ben punched it in. It felt like we had all the momentum at that point.

10. Tackles for Darian Claiborne. Another double-digit tackle game for the true freshman, and I'm pretty happy that we've got him around for the next few years. He was shedding blocks like an upperclassman.

35%. Mizzou's third down conversion rate. Unfortunately, one of the five out of fourteen they converted was the game winner.

379. Total offensive yards. It's slightly better than last week, but it's nowhere near what we're capable of. Should be an interesting month leading up to the bowl game.