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Daily Bull 11.7.13

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Anywhere, any time, except for certain times and certain places and oh sweet hell it's the middle of football season why is there off-season stuff like this happening? Watching old print reporters fight on Twitter is like playing Goldeneye 64 multiplayer in the Stacks with no weapons: an endless barrage of ineffectual karate chops and running into walls.

I'm no financial mathemagician, but yeah that seems a bit low. Here's the DMN talking about Johnny Manziel's net worth to the university. Here's my HOT TAKE: It's a lot.

Wait, what, there is a football game this week? The good folks over at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls rolled out their BIG PREVIEW yesterday and it's worth another visit just to see Finebaum as Miss Ellie. We'll also have our Q&A with the guys up in the next day or two.

What's under the taaaaarrrpp? Tonight we'll find out.