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Goodbye to Texas University?

Apparently the "anytime, anywhere" approach to playing Texas again has definitely disappeared. Maybe.

Darren Carroll

According to reports from both Brent Zwerneman of the San Antonio Express-News and Brett McMurphy of ESPN (reported first by Brent, making the evening more exciting), Texas A&M is no longer interested in playing the Longhorns during the regular season. We ran a poll on whether or not Aggies want to play the Longhorns again in the future, and after 1389 votes, the decision was split down the middle.

In the midst of conference realignment in 2011, Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin told the media that the Aggies would play the Longhorns "anytime, anywhere."

Based on today's stories, the conclusion that A&M's administration no longer wants to schedule Texas is drawn from one quote from Jason Cook, Texas A&M's Senior Associate Athletic Director.

"We hope to play them again in a BCS bowl or playoff game at some point,"

There it is. A single quote with no context that was later followed up by:

Cook would not elaborate.

This quote can be read a few different ways. Either Texas A&M doesn't want to schedule Texas in-season, but a bowl would be nice; or, a Bowl game would be cool, and go ahead and read a ton into this quote, because that can't possibly backfire.

According to tweets exchanged between Brent Zwerneman and another user on Twitter, this is an actual decision from the Texas A&M Administration:

If the board truly has decided that they won't consider scheduling Texas as an out-of-conference opponent again, then that is a pretty big deal.

I still don't see how Jason Cook's quote says anything conclusive. Since that quote is the only support being provided, I guess the decision is unofficially official at this point.


and Rovell appears to be out of his element.

Here's a TwitLonger post from @BrentZwerneman

Let’s say @McMurphyESPN of @espn breaks a story on the Texas A&M beat. A couple of hours later, I reach the same A&M source who will only offer up the same exact quote as he did to ESPN. I then write my own story and with ESPN’s previously published quote include "told the Express-News." Zero mention of ESPN. A scenario so laughable it’s almost incomprehensible – but that’s what happened today in reverse. Amazed at the lack of accountability from the World Wide Leader and one of its writers.

The morning after...

Brent accused McMurphy of deleting last night's tweets... only, he didn't.

Remember kids, blogs aren't worthy of credentials because we put down members of the media.