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The Maroon Test

Texas A&M and Mississippi State both wear maroon, but it's not the same shade. Can you tell the difference?

Scott Halleran

An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.

No cheating on this important Maroon Identification Proficiency Test!

The Aggies and Bulldogs both wear maroon, but neither wears true maroon. Can you identify which color belongs to each school?

There are four squares of maroon below: Texas A&M maroon, Mississippi State maroon, Good Bull Hunting maroon, and true maroon. Vote in the poll below to identify the correct order. Since the poll contains every possible combination, decide on your order and then go look for it. No cheating! Give yourself about 15 seconds to decide. We'll tell you the right answer in the Daily Bull on Friday.