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Daily Bull 11.6.13

Hump Day harf harf harf

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NOTE: THE TAILGATE IS GOING TO BE LATE. Calm your cargo shorts, Ags. Expect the internet to explode around lunch. Thanks for your patience and lack of vandalism - Mgmt.

TALKIN' NATTY: Coach YESSIR was asked at his weekly radio show at Wings 'n More what the program needs to get a National Title. Sumlin was very forthright and his response is worth the read. This tone is a far cry from the time I got lit at the Fran radio show and asked "what is it going to take to get a new coach". Fran gave that stupid, glassed over look he always does.

DOES THE BELL TOLL FOR YOU: Our bros at For Whom The Bell Tolls - MSU's SB Nation blog - released their full preview of Saturday's game, and oh my, PLEASE see the lead picture. DALLAS. It's better than anything Knox could ever imagine on his LSD trips. Well done, CLANGA.

BOX OUT: the hoops fellas had their presser yesterday. You can listen here. Buckle up, gang. This could be some rough watchin' this year.

YOU HEARD OF THIS MAN? You may have. His name is Richie Incognito (no, not the Dean at Harvard). Dolphin, psycho, checkered past, racist, bully. Well now reports have surfaced that Dick Incognito was asked by coaches to toughen up the beleagured Jonathan Martin. This is only here because Coach Sherm runs the offense in Miami and Jim Turner - who was on Sherm's staff in Aggieland - runs the offensive line. People will overreact to this because internet. This all reminds me of my thespian days when my director told me to "break a leg" and I stole the show by shattering the legs of the entire cast. Anyway, read up on this messed up situation here.

HORN DONE GOT AN AD: Texas hired Steve Patterson to replace DeLoss Dodds and Chip Brown reports that Mack Brown found out via Twitter while punching in an inspiring quote from Audrey Hepburn. Time will tell if Patterson has the chops to be a petulant, arrogant dick like his predecessor.

GOOD AG RECEIVER: Jeff Fuller broke receiving records at A&M before breaking them was cool. Now he's making moves up in Calgary for the Stampeders trying to get back to the show. Gig 'em, Jeff.

Have a big Wednesday, Ags.