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Kyle Field turf buyers fight over listserv

Aggie Athletics sent a mass email to everyone who bought turf from Kyle Field, but they did it using a listserv that allowed list members to reply to everyone. Hilarity ensued.

Kyle Field will be undergoing a massive renovation that includes installing new grass. The athletic department offered fans the opportunity to purchase pallets of Kyle Field turf for $400 and single squares for $20. The email included details about when and where to pick up the turf. Here are some highlights from the responses forwarded to me by @KMays10.

Please do not respond to the list serve. EVERYONE who bought grass is receiving your email.
Everyone ignored this e-mail, but this is when things really started to pick up.

If I'm not going to be able to make it on Sunday could I pick it up Saturday before the game or sometime next week?

The Aggies play Mississippi State on Saturday at 2:30. I'll admit it would be pretty cool to see them play with a huge bald spot on the field.

I know everyone is getting this, but I just had to reply -- Really? Saturday? BEFORE THE GAME? Think about it!!!!!!!

Y'all are killing me. There's an Aggie joke in all of this somewhere.
OMG that is too funny. Maybe we could have the post-game interviews before the game as well. Anybody, anybody?
The next e-mail comes from a Pastor.
What an idiot.... just got another 12 or so. Check out this dumbass's question about getting the turf BEFORE the game.
Of course, there's a Longhorn who purchased Kyle Field turf who needed to share a moral objection to the pastor's reply.
I wasn't going to jump in because this thread has been slightly amusing and not too annoying. However, am I the only one that takes issue with someone who is e-mailing on behalf of a senior pastor use "idiot" and "dumbass." I am a lifelong Longhorn and bought the turf because someone very special to me is a dedicated Agg. I have tried to buy in to the "Aggies are very friendly" mantra and for the most part this has been true. You sir or ma'am are a very poor representation of the Aggie spirit and should be ashamed. Obviously this person said something that wasn't thought completely through, but I don't think you need to use such language in an e-mail going to potentially thousands of people.
The pastor did apologize.
Totally right. I apologize.