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Daily Bull 11.5.13

Professor dumdum from Colorado is your substitute today. If you're a good class, pot brownies for all.

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AWWWW THEY GROW UP SO FAST. Don't look now, but the maligned, young Ag defense is starting to, well, resemble a defense. Sure, Vandy and UTEP are nice pacifiers, but it's tough to deny that major strides have been made in tackling, assignments, and opportunistic turnovers. The always solid Saturday Down South has a nice piece outlining the growth here. Hopefully the kids are really mean, monster toddlers when they go to Baton Rouge and Columbia.

SQUAWK ON THE STREET. The financial bond stooges and marketing dandy boys (yes, you Cook. I kid, I kid.) are discussing just how much Johnny's Heisman meant in $$$ to Texas A&M. One only needs to look at Olympic host cities' presentations on "economic impact" to see just how malleable these numbers are to conveniently fit an argument. This is a really good outline of said arguments. All I know is Texas A&M, Texas A&M athletics, and Johnny Manziel all made millions on the award.

Kaptain Karl gets a curious dismissal. Karl Kapchinski, the assistant athletic director in charge of athletic training, was abruptly fired on Monday. Kapchinski had been with A&M for over 30 years. The timing raises an eyebrow as it comes during the home stretch of football and on the cusp of hoops.

That's a lot of names. Johnny was named a Davy O'Brien National Quarterback Award semifinalist on Monday with 15 other dudes. Of course, one of those dudes is going to have to pry the award from Johnny boy's cold, dead hands as he currently holds the belt.

Miscellany and stuff. MAC balls tonight wooo. Mother of God tell me you saw THIS. Finally, put on the pajamas and leave some bourbon out for Stewade because it is THE TAILGATE eve.

Alright, y'all. Make it a good day.