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Daily Bull 11.4.13

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Happy Monday, everyone. Plenty of poll updates from yesterday up on the front page. Here are SB Nation's latest bowl projections as of yesterday, and they still have us in the Sugar. The only update in BCS projections was Michigan State getting an at-large nod because man...that defense.

Wut. I guess this is a good problem to have but still...NFL cracks me up.

Oh you three dimwitted fools. Don't you know that Nick Saban will hunt you down unto the ends of the earth for this bit of effrontery: not voting Alabama #1 simply because they did not play this week.

DON'T KASE ME BRO. That's right: Drew Kaser is leading the nation in average yards per punt. Punter U.

Thoughts and prayers. Mississippi State Quarterback Dak Prescott's mother passed away yesterday morning after a battle with cancer. Our hearts go out to the Prescott and Bulldog families right now.