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A&M - Mizzou Open Thread

The Tigers are trying to play their way into the SEC title game, while we're playing for bowl prestige.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

So many questions will be answered tonight:

Which Johnny will show up?

How does the team bounce back from adversity?


Let's kick back and find out what KDS has up his sleeve. Here's how I imagine how his Thanksgiving went.

Kevin is in the kitchen preparing a 35-pound turkey and scratch-made stuffing. His phone buzzes. He reads the screen, then quickly opens his Twitter app and types #YESSIR, then turns off his phone. "What was that?" asks his beautiful wife. "Just another offensive line commit," he replies. The meal turns out perfectly, he plays catch in the yard with his sons, and the whole family watches Texas Tech-Texas. "I taught him that," he says gleefully as Kingsbury's team scores on a long fake punt. However, family members slowly leave the room one by one as Kevin meticulously criticizes the Texas Tech offense as they fall further and further behind. He makes it up to them later by letting each of his kids beat him at NCAA on Xbox. He doesn't mind because he's playing with Bama. Up at 5:00 AM the next day and in the office by 6:00.

Or something like that. How did I do, thacktor?

And you'd better believe we're thankful this weekend:

Gig 'em and BTHOmizzouuuuuu