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By the Numbers: UTEP

Bob Levey

1. Blocked punt. We came so close a few times last week that it was great to finally hear that "whump" noise when Raven went flying into the end zone. There's something satisfying about a blocked punt that is hard to put into words.

2. Picks by Howard Matthews. Well hello, Howard. I'll take a few more of these this year. The one in the end zone to shut down a scoring opportunity was particularly nice.

Tra. Carson appears to be doing fine. Very scary moment when he was wheeled off in a gurney, but it appears that the injury was not as serious as the medical staff first thought. Better to be safe than sorry when dealing with head/neck injuries, though.

4. Forced turnovers. Three more picks and another fumble recovery. Except this week the offense didn't have five of their own.

5. Punts by Kaser. This has to be a season high for him between the offense either scoring or turning the ball over. Doesn't matter; leads nation in punting average.

6. Touchdowns for Manziel. We even got to see a 50-yard scamper that evoked shades of last season. I think Johnny may have been frustrated by the offense's early sluggishness and took it out on the Miners, but I may need to rewatch the game to confirm this theory.

7. Points allowed. Yes, yes, UTEP, etc. But this is also not the same defense that gave up 28 to Sam Houston State.

8. Legs. That's how many spiders have, and there were spider webs raining down on Kyle Field in a belated Halloween tribute. See what I did? I wasn't even at the game but we could see a little bit of this phenomenon on TV. Again, more research is needed and I will consult the DVR as time permits.

9. Tackles for loss by the defense. Only two of them were sacks this week.

11. Number of offensive players who shared the 21 total pass receptions. BALANCE.

12. Tackles by Darian Claiborne. This guy is a tackling machine and is going to be a great anchor for the defense for the next few years.

198. Total yards allowed. That's under 200 for those of you keeping score at home.