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So, about Aggie Basketball

Remember that big opportunity I mentioned earlier today?


So, yeah. Remember that big opportunity I mentioned earlier today. Well, Aggie Basketball took a giant poop on that one. That was a bad loss. Don't listen to the crowd that will prop up Missouri State's undefeated record. They have an RPI of 195 and a SOS of 342. For reference, there are 351 teams in Division 1 college basketball season. Only 9 teams have an easier schedule than them. 9. Missouri State took on the Aggies without their two best players and still walk away with the win. Have I mentioned that was a bad loss?

The zone continues to be a derp-inducing act for the Ags. Missouri State's head coach, Paul Lusk, kept moving his team back into a man defense which let the Aggies keep it close, but even that constant coaching blunder wasn't enough to stop the Aggies from exposing themselves to a crowd of 83 in Corpus Christi tonight.

Positives, I'm told to be a good Aggie and focus on the positives after a game like that. I learned there was a such thing as "Upper Padre Island" tonight during every single commercial break. Does that count? We continue to see flashes of what guys like Jordan Green, Alex Caruso, and Jamal Jones can bring to the team this season but the rotations and momentum never seem to click for all three at the same time. Kourtney Roberson seemed upset late in the game as he demanded the ball on the post, and he should have been upset. His size and strength allowed him to command the paint and the Ags didn't take advantage of it.

Missouri State shot piss poor from the arc in the first half of the game, but they found their Keiton Page in the second half as Austin Ruder finished the night 5-9 from the 3 three point line, providing the spark the Bears needed to get the win. The Aggie defense never seemed to adjust in the second half and Ruder kept getting great looks, and then getting fouled for four point plays. The Aggies got aggressive going to the rim against the zone late in the game, and by late I mean the last few possessions we had against the zone, but it was way too little too late with how the Ags played on the defensive side of the floor.