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Tragedy for an Aggie Family

The Stryker Family at an Aggie tailgate (from left: Austin, Rebecca, Travis, Stephanie, James)
The Stryker Family at an Aggie tailgate (from left: Austin, Rebecca, Travis, Stephanie, James)

Stephanie Stryker, a current Biochemistry and Genetics dual major at Texas A&M, lost both of her parents, Rebecca and James Stryker, and one of her younger brothers, Travis Stryker, in a fatal car accident on Tuesday. The Strykers' vehicle was struck head-on by a car that crossed the center lane. Stephanie's brother Austin, who was Travis' twin, survived the crash and was recovering from his injuries at the time of the report. Here is the full story from CBS DFW.

Our hearts are very heavy this Thanksgiving and our prayers are with the Stryker family. Stephanie's sorority at Texas A&M, Delta Zeta, has set up an account to raise funds. The Dallas Junior Hockey Association (DJHA), where the twin sons were members, has set up a PayPal donation on their homepage. 100% of the funds donated from both organizations will go directly to the family.

While Stephanie and Austin are dealing with much more difficult issues right now, any level of financial support you can make will be welcome. On a week that celebrates family, remember that we're all part of a bigger family: Aggies.

Click the PayPal Donate button to contribute to the DJHA Stryker Family Fund.

Stephanie's sorority sister Alyssa McCain tells us:

Stephanie is one of the nicest most full of life people I have ever met. She has been involved in Fish Camp, CARPOOL, MSC Fish, SAIL, and Delta Zeta and has touched the lives and hearts of everyone in those organizations. She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is so passionate about Texas A&M and needs the support of the Aggie Family now more than ever.

Visit the Stryker Family Memorial Site on Facebook.