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Daily Bull 11.27.13

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OUR LAST HOPE. We lost by 3 scores, our guy is all but out of the Heisman (that's what everyone else thinks), our offense is in shambles, the uniforms are a monstrosity, and the sky is about to just crush us out of sheer oppressiveness and unseasonable Texas wintriness. Life is about as miserable for an 8-3 ranked team as it could get heading into our third matchup against a #5 team this year. What we need to remember is that today none of that matters, because it's TAILGATE DAY. The second-to-last of the year, so soak it up, enjoy it, comment on it, and keep complaining about not making it into the Tweet section. That's how you get noticed!*

*[note: may or may not be noticed]

I suppose we must talk about this new Swaggercopter paint job. RABBLE RABBLE IT'S STUPID! It's also possible that it was researched in the interest of helping recruiting (if it is indeed real, and I tend to believe it is because it lacks the trademark beveled rcb05 watermark that adorns most alternate pattern schemes). THESE KIDS NOWADAYS WITH THEIR ROCK AND/OR ROLL MUSIC AND IPODS AND CRAZY PAINT PATTERNS (and pretty good football skills).

But anyway, the DMN is on the case, so the ball has started rolling. It'll be interesting to see where this ends up.

Trolling 101. This is how to do a rivalry week post. Ricky Muncie of Roll Bama Roll enlists the aid of Kristi Malzahn in the making of a documentary about her husband's future loss to Alabama. And though the conversation can't be confirmed, she was most certainly his first follower on Twitter. THAT HEADER.

Happy Wednesday and may your workday be uneventful (if you're at work).