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Daily Bull 11.26.13

Andy Lyons

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Straight-up fly. Go feast your eyes on the beautiful '90s patterns and try to spot the hidden bevels within cuppycup's psychodelic gifs. Coffee is advisable or something stronger if available.

Well, that's a sealed deal, then. Kevin Sumlin to the Vikings because he was an assistant coach at Minnesota for three years in the early '90s.

COME AT HIM, BRO. Gregg Doyel compared Manziel to Barry Sanders in terms of greatness of college football players and believe it or not some people on the internet disagreed! To his credit, he's stood his ground. He won't back down.

THEY DON'T PRESHIATE US PAWWLL. Terry Saban attempts to dispel the Nick-to-Texas rumors and manages to get in a shot at the Tide faithful at the same time. I'm sure the comments are measured and reasonable---aaaarrrgghhbblll [swallowed by pit of Internet despair]

Apropos of nothing: the Peanut Butter & Jelly Kid.