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Daily Bull 11.25.13

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Morning. It's Monday, we just endured the worst loss of the Sumlin era, and there's a Permacloud over Texas. But it's not all bad: Thanksgiving is in a couple days, the workplace is nearly dead, and we've got Mizzou on Saturday. (Wait, is that good or bad?) All your recaps and LSU lamentations are on the front page. Moving on.

Well, this will be a fun December. With Johnny set to make his official decision about the NFL before the bowl game, let the teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing begin next week.

Some takeaways: Bill C recaps the weekend's action and takes a look at what's at stake this weekend. Is this really almost over?

NOT SURE IF WANT? Jason Kirk's latest bowl projections are out, and have us squaring off against Baylor in the Cotton Bowl. While there could possibly be a couple of points scored in this matchup, I for one don't relish yet another trip to JerryWorld since we're playing there for the next threeve years anyway. Plus Baylor's pretty good when they're all healthy.

It could be worse: we could be 4-7 after a loss to an FCS school at home and facing the second-most terrifying buzzsaw in college football this weekend.

Have a great Monday and may your shortened week be pleasant.