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By the Numbers: PAIN edition

I don't really want to do this. But I also kind of do want to do it. Let's dig.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

1. This is how many career touchdowns Manziel has against LSU in two games. He has seven in two games against #1 Alabama teams. IT'S SOME KIND OF LES MILES VOODOO IS WHAT IT IS.

1b. We had one single tackle for loss on defense. Sad horn music.

2. Turnovers. For a negative 2 differential because we forced none. Both were just not very good throws by Johnny: the first an awkward misread that should have sailed way out of bounds if he was trying to throw it away, and the second just another case of him trying to force it in the red zone yet again.

3. The most carries by any other player besides Manziel. Stick with me, because this will be a recurring theme here that will be beaten into the ground. Three carries each by Malena and Trey, and that's it.

4. The number of LSU running backs who had more carries than any of our running backs. In fact, the Tiger running back who was fourth in carries (8) still had more carries than all of our running backs combined. They had three guys with at least 13 carries. We had 18 total carries, and 12 of them were Johnny's. Have we driven this point home yet?

5. Punts by Kaser. Before today he was averaging three per game. Even his spectacular average went down slightly. MUDDY FIELD VOODOO AGAIN, PAWL.

6. Total carries by our running backs. By only two of our running backs. stringsays pointed this out in his immediate postgame analysis, but it's worth mentioning again. Ben Malena: 3 carries, Trey Williams: 3 carries. For a combined 21 yards. Just a reminder.

7. Yards per play by LSU's offense. They had over 500, while we didn't even crack 300. I don't even want to go back and look to see when that last happened. It happened yesterday. That's that.

8. Wins. Sitting at 8-3, I have no idea if we'll finish 10-3 or 8-5. It seems up in the air, and both are plausible in certain scenarios, although the difference between the two would be huge.

9. Our ranking before this. Goodbye, top ten.

10. Tackles by Darian Claiborne. That's several times this season (at least three, I think) that he's racked up double-digit tackles in SEC games. This is great to see out of a middle linebacker, much less a true freshman. It's not necessarily great to see a cornerback get more tackles, but steps. If Deshazor doesn't stop them, no one else will.

39. Percent. That was Johnny's completion rate on the day: 16-41 for a guy who was completing 73% with some pretty risky throws coming into the game.

40:19. This is how long LSU had the ball. We had less than 20 minutes of possession. BRUTAL. We had the ball for fewer than three minutes in the crucial third quarter.

324. Rushing yards given up to the Tigers. This was big-boy football and we got the pants beat off us up front.

1099. That's how many days you have to go back to find a lower point total for an A&M football team. And that was the 9-6 win over Nebraska in 2010. I didn't feel like going back to find a loss THANKS PEPSI.

There are plenty more numbers to discuss. List your own in the comments below and let the fun times begin!