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This is pretty much the worst, isn't it?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Same as I did with Auburn, I'm not going to bother looking at the box score because stats really don't matter. They did a lot and we did very little. Props to LSU, especially John Chavis. This makes two years straight that Chavis has figured out what damn near every other team couldn'thow to stop Johnny. LSU played a whale of a game and simply beat our asses in every facet of the game.

Before I go on, if anyone tells you that we got "exposed" today or something tell them to EAD. We are a good team... a flawed team, but a good one, and we simply got beat by a better team today. That's it. No exposing. Just simply getting beat.


Bless their hearts, they just got out manned. Despite all of the false starts by the LSU OLine, the simple truth is that we are not big enough, fast enough or strong enough to compete with top tier offensive lines. It's a cliche but the game is won and lost on the lines and our defensive line is just not good enough...yet. Give them time and give them some players, and we'll get there hopefully. Mettenberger legitimately could have learned a new foreign language with as much time as he had to throw the ball downfield.

I feel like the future is bright at the LB position. Darian Claiborne had a solid game and is by far the most consistent LB on the team...which is disappointing because we have seniors on this squad. Claiborne is a cut above and it should be fun to see him get better and better.

The Aggie secondary struggled covering NFL caliber WRs. We had a couple of solid plays by De'vante (although I am still pissed at him over that personal foul hands-to-the-face penalty). Howard Matthews proved yet again that he is best when playing close to the LOS. Everett was up and down today, and more down than up. But then again our scheme calls for us to give a 15 yard cushion so maybe I don't know anything at all.

Doesn't matter though. We had no answer for LSU's talent. We got outschemed and outplayed across the board. Not much more to say.


Sloppy field+struggling QB should = running the ball with our fine stable of backs, right? 6 carries. 6 CARRIES. Inexcusable and unacceptable. There are not enough words to describe my frustration, yet I don't have the words to describe my anger. That's where I'm at with this. Trey gets 10 yards on a carry and then............[crickets]. No Tra Carson (is he injured?). I just don't even know anymore. We're wasting our talent.

Johnny's dinged up and it's obvious. He struggled throwing to open WRs. He wasn't his consistent, sharp self. He had moments of sharpness, but so many overthrown and underthrown balls. Something has to be off. Johnny also has to learn to keep his eyes downfield, but dammit take off when the opportunity presents itself...not just when you have to. He needs to play his game, and his game involves him making plays with his legs. Color me as one who thinks Johnny could use another year in the college game to improve his decision-making. The talent is there, but the decision-making is not.

WRs struggled but it was mostly a product of Johnny having issues. Happy for Derel Walker who put together an outstanding day overall.


LSU didn't play a clean game. But they simply lined up across from us and hit us in the mouth. And we folded. We got outplayed, outschemed and outcoached. I don't know that there's much more to say than that.

BTHO Mizzou.