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Daily Bull 11.22.13: Culinary Edition

Pastalaya- by Billy Gomila
Pastalaya- by Billy Gomila

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Howdy and happy Friday. We play in Baton Rouge tomorrow for the first time in two decades. I felt that I should take some time to acknowledge the fact that LSU fans tailgate like no others. Not just when it comes to knocking back beverages (although we're sure that they're more than proficient in that regard) but with the cooking. Oh, the cooking.

Disclaimer: I have never been to Baton Rouge for a football game. I know people who have, and who have walked away impressed. But I know ATVS author Billy Gomila since before GBH founding from hanging on EDSBS. And to my knowledge, ATVS is the only SB Nation collegiate blog with a dedicated recipe page.

I love to cook. I've tried making Louisiana-type stuff before, but could never perfect a roux like my grandfather could (he wasn't a Louisiana Man, but grew up in the wilds of Dickinson Bayou and made the best crab gumbo I've ever tasted). I think it was when I tried this recipe that things started to click. A pronunciation guide:

(heathens, it's pronounced koo-be-yon -- say it right and maybe nobody will notice you're from north of I-10). Courtbouillon means "short boil," and basically is a thick, roux-based poaching liquid for seafood.

It's like seafood chili. Delicious. I've since made the Shrimp Creole, I do this to asparagus pretty much every other time we grill, and there's also this thing called Boudin-Stuffed Cornbread. We've also swapped bourbon infusion ideas like this. I'm considering making the oyster dressing next week because my grandmother always made it and we haven't had it in years and years and we don't have her recipe.

So if you're lucky enough to be making the trip this weekend, soak it up. All of it. And remember, next year we play these fine culinary experts on Thanksgiving.

#BTHO those people who are really good at cooking.