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Podcast #101 - Previewing the LSU Game

We talked about the game and what's on the line for the Aggies and Johnny Manziel.

Chris Graythen

I really don't like bye weeks. It's been too long since we've been able to do a game preview show, so we're glad to be back and bringing you the heat to help breakdown the matchup against the LSU Tigers on Saturday. We were joined by Steven (@ATVSPoseur) from to get the Tigers perspective on the big (or not as big as it could have been) game this weekend. We got to hear about the frustration from the LSU fan base, what Poseur thinks we'll see Saturday, and what Aggies taking the the tailgating sights and sounds can expect from Baton Rouge. As our guest so elegantly put it, "A&M fans pride themselves on being good hosts...we're not that kind of host. It's Texas Tech, only we've being doing this a lot longer and don't have a chip on our shoulder about it."

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