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Daily Bull 11.20.13

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It's Wednesday. It's football season. That means one special thing for a lot of us: TAILGATE DAY. Well, today is no different. Your loving GBH Staff has tried its best to not miss a beat and carry on this beautiful tradition. It will be out shortly and you will love it. We hope. You'll love it, right?

ROAD WARRIORS. We all know this, but you don't hear it much. KDS is undefeated in SEC road play. Saturday will be his biggest test of the year in Baton Rouge. Of course his biggest test of last year in Tuscaloosa went fairly well for us. But seriously, these last two road games...tough.

Jackie! "Hold on, Tim Brando...your personalized suits are nice and I'mma let you finish, but Johnny Manziel is a consummate performer." Coach Jackie Sherrill came to Manziel's defense on Tim Brando's show when Brando mentioned Manziel wouldn't interview with the CBS B-Team a couple weeks ago. Sentences I never thought I'd be writing for $400 please, Alex.

Noise, noise, noise. The Ags are used to the stuff at home, but what about on the road? The DMN addresses the decibel situation in Baton Rouge and speculates on how we'll handle it. My input is that I would be much more worried if it were a night game, but it's still gonna be loud.

But yeah, the TAILGATE is coming out soon.