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Daily Bull 11.19.13

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Well, hello there, guy named Josh Moon from USA Today Sports. I'm not really familiar with your work per se, but encountering logic in week 13 of a college football season leads me to believe that you're either very new or a savant sent here from an alternate dimension. Hopefully both, because that would be lots of fun too.

HEY COACH, PLEASE STOP BEING ALL "POPULAR" AND STUFF. It's really a drag for the rest of the college football community. Don't you know that visors and sunglasses are the gateway accessories into NFL contracts and stagnation? Of course you do, because you are KDS.

Is that a word? Space bar issues aside, the question of motivation for this LSU team has arisen, and it's a good point. They are youthful, and 7-3 is unfamiliar territory.

GBH MISC., coming soon: Ranger222 is back with some serious offensive line breakdown. We  trade slugs with the gentlemen from LSU's SB Nation blog. Lady Rev asks Mike the Tiger the TOUGH questions that MATTER. And stringsays has found the quintessential 1989 video highlight. Just bask in the glory.