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Daily Bull 11.18.13

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HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO LSU WEEK. There are plenty of shenanigans coming your way from your loving GBH staff, so buckle in and enjoy the ride. Now on to the news.

THAT IRON BOWL. The latest BCS rankings came out last night, and hoo man this is going to be an epic showdown between the Tide and the Tigers as #1 takes on #6 for the SEC West and (possible? probably?) national title implications. Auburn seems like a team of destiny while Alabama looked downright human in Starkville on Saturday night.

Our favorite town. The latest round of bowl projections from Jason Kirk still have us in the Capitol One in Orlando, only the opponent is different. It's an intriguing matchup with our offense and Sparty's really tough defense. An added bonus is that Mike Bianchi would probably be in the press box thinking up clever Manziel nicknames.

Tell us how  you feel, Mike. He's not exactly wrong, per se. All great teams require a little bit of luck here and there.

Les the staff builder. ATVS takes a detailed look at the assistant coaches at LSU during Miles' tenure. Interesting read.

Today marks the 14th year since bonfire fell. Take a moment to remember the twelve and their friends and families.