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Daily Bull 11.15.13

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PRO TALK FROM REAL PROS. Troy Aikman has become the latest celebrity QB to endorse Johnny Manziel's actual football talent as opposed to his MEASURABLES. Troy was particularly impressed with his performance against Alabama. PFT: where players are still quoted saying "heckuva."

Brent Z on the airwaves. Don't forget to check out the interview with the longtime Aggie beat writer on the latest podcast if you haven't already. Like Tom Petty, this man won't back down from ESPN.

SEC schedule. We'll get you a complete TV schedule before the games start tomorrow, but in the meantime TSK has your SEC TV schedule with a little information about each game.

Do you like spoof music videos? I've been a huge cuppycup fan since the realignment talks of 2010. Before that I didn't really understand his work. Too artsy; too intellectual. It was on the 2012 blog Good Bull Hunting where he really came into his own, musically and artistically. I think Against All Odds is the group's undisputed masterpiece.

Happy Friday.