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No practice on Saturday for the Ags, but the degenerates are still at work this weekend.

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Before we get rolling with the fun and games, a serious word about a special cause.

Kourtney and Gus Gruner are damn fine Ags and their precious son Otto has been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer. Kourtney is a friend, and one of the five Aggie students that was behind our special "Red White & Blue Out" at Kyle Field on September 22, 2001. She went all out for the Aggie Family then, and it's time the Aggie Family goes all out for her and her family. Take a minute to read more about Otto's story and consider donating. Place a bet on the Aggie Spirit.



Having taken a brutal beating in week ten, we tightened up, focused, and delivered a strong performance in week eleven, with winning weeks in both our main card and our bonus bets.

Baylor -15 vs. Oklahoma (+50 GBHs) While it took Bryce Petty and company a while to get rolling, holy hell, is OU a mess on offense. The Sooners had nearly a dozen snaps inside the Baylor 10 yard line in the first quarter and came away with a whopping 5 points. While that left the scoreboard close at the time, one knew that those squandered opportunities would eventually lead to a beat down. And they did.

Stanford +10 vs. Oregon (+50 GBHs) Completing a sweep of Thursday night, the Stanford front seven controlled the Ducks all night as the Stanford OL repeatedly pushed refrigerators onto the hapless Ducks defense, as the Cardinal pulled off the outright upset. Two first half trips inside the Stanford 5 yard line that produced 0 points ultimately doomed Oregon. Well, that, and getting their asses kicked on both lines of scrimmage.

Kentucky +14 vs. Mizzou (-55 GBHs) We're sorry for doubting you, Mizzou. The public's "easy money" once again won. While Kentucky hung tough for a while, Dorial Green-Beckham & Co. were just too much for the offensively inept Wildcats.

Pitt +4 vs. Notre Dame (+50 GBHs) Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, the smart money delivered for us. Pitt not only covered but won outright, for our second outright underdog win of the weekend. There may be some additional opportunities to fade the Irish later this season, but none as ripe as last Saturday.

Alabama -12.5 vs. LSU (+50 GBHs) It was close for a half. Then the bigger, stronger, faster Tide once again exerted their will. LSU couldn't run the ball and poor Zach Mettenberger just about got carried off the field on a stretcher. Even with the increasingly inflated spreads, the Tide continue to cover. Impressive.

Mississippi State at Texas A&M OVER 69 (+20 GBHs) Yea, this one wasn't close. An easy, easy cash as the A&M D finally broke in the fourth quarter.

Arkansas at Ole Miss -16 (-22 GBHs) Ole Miss led by 17 late, but Arkansas walked in the back door.

Auburn -7 at Tennessee (+20 GBHs) It's nice when you can win by ALL THE POINTS without the benefit of the forward pass.

Rallying back, last week added 163 GBHs to our bankroll, putting us in a much healthier position. Now let's add more.

Current Bankroll: 10397

THE GAME Georgia Tech +10.5 at Clemson

Thursday night! Two teams that we really have no business betting on, because the ACC is like the Rowdy Roddy Piper of college football: Just when you think you know the answers, it changes the questions. That said, we like Clemson - a little undervalued since the Florida State drubbing - to start fast at home and control Georgia Tech's one dimensional offense.

THE BET Clemson -10.5 (66 GBHs to win 60)

THE GAME Florida at Sakerlina -13

If there was one takeaway from last Saturday's slate of SEC games - besides the fact that no one is beating Bama and Tennessee's run defense is comically bad - it's that Florida has reached the dead man walking level. Their patchwork OL is a sieve, getting abused by Vandy. What do you think Clowney and company will do to poor Tyler Murphy?

THE BET Sakerlina -13 (66 GBHs to win 60)

THE GAME West Virginia -6.5 at Kansas

Perhaps the most suspect line of the week. West Virginia not even giving a touchdown at hapless Kansas? Well let's just sell the farm and bet it on the Mountaineers, right? Except WVU is terrible on the road, and they're in a let down spot after a crushing OT loss at home last Saturday. The Joes are looking at WVU as an ATM, while the wise guys like the Jayhawks. So do we.

THE BET Kansas +6.5 (66 GBHs to win 60)

THE GAME Georgia +4 at Auburn

The Auburn free money train rolls on? Or does it? Auburn has steamrolled of late with an extremely one dimensional offense. A&M, Arkansas, and UT are awful at stopping the run. A healthier UGA will load the box and dare Nick Marshall to beat them with his arm. Just gotta cover the wheel route, guys. On the other side of the ball, Gurlee is back for the Dawgs and a patient Aaron Murray can pick apart a questionable Auburn pass defense. Another bet against the public, and the only road team we like this week.

THE BET Georgia +4 (66 GBHs to win 60)

THE GAME Oklahoma State -3 at Texas

Oh, this is interesting. The public perception is that Texas is a paper tiger, but the real question is, "What has Oklahoma State done on the road?" And the answer is "Beaten up on a hugely overrated Texas Tech, thumped Iowa State, and lost outright to West Virginia." While the public is all over the Pokes as easy money, the line hasn't budged, and we'll reluctantly back the home underdog.

THE BET Texas +3 (66 GBHs to win 60)


Indiana at Wisconsin OVER 70 (22 GBHs to win 20) In which the B1G dresses up and pretends they're the Big XII.

Oregon State at Arizona State OVER 65 (22 GBHs to win 20) Todd Graham nukes the Beavers' In-N-Out dreams.

Michigan State -6.5 at Nebraska (22 GBHs to win 20) Because angry Pelinis are the most entertaining Pelinis*.

* Other than coked out Pelinis, of course.

It's a Saturday on the couch, remote in hand, and bets on the table. Savor it. College football will be in hibernation again before we know it.